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I haven't updating this for quite a long time. I guess I should put the story that I wrote.

Brace yourself with this update!


-Syazani (Main character) berjalan dengan kawannya dari bagunan fakulti ke tepi padang
[minion 1] Aidil!! Sambut!!
[Aidil] Hiyaah!!!
-Aidil sambut bola dengan penuh usaha, dan menendang bola ke dalam gol.
[minion 2] Cantik!!!
[minion 3] Bagus Aidil!!!
[Aidil] Yahoo! Berjaya!!
-Semua pemain berkumpul dan peluk Aidil, Aidil bersorak dengan sangat gembira.
Semasa saya masuk u, ada serang pelajar bernama Aidil. Aidil seorang yang ceria dan positif, dan suka dekat dengan orang.
-Syazani tengok dari jauh dan kawan dia perhatikan Syazani dengan sengih
-Syazani buat muka marah bila kawan dia buat muka sengih
Saya selalu tengok aidil dari jauh sebab dia sebenarnya tak pandai sangat dalam pelajarannya tapi dia sentiasa berusaha.
-Aidil ditegur oleh cikgunya di depan kelas. Syazani tengok dari jauh. Aidil membalasnya dengan muka senyum (senyum pura-pura, sebab malu dan sedih)
Dan saya geram dgn kawan sy yg suka sakat sy sebab asyik perhatikan dia.
-kawan Syazani sengih lagi. Syazani buat muka bengang.
Satu hari…
[Aidil] Syazani! Saya ada benda nak beritahu awak.
-kawan Syazani terus hilang.
[Syazani] Ya? Apa dia?
[Aidil] Saya… saya suka awak…
-Syazani terkejut. Aidil masih blushing.
[Aidil] Jadi… Saya….
-Aidil muka garu muka dan tahan muka dia dari blushing dengan pegang leher.
[Syazani] …Boleh beri saya masa ke? Saya kena fikir dulu.
[Aidil] Bo-Boleh!! Saya tunggu jawapan dari awak ya!!
-Aidil buat muka gembira
Selama 3 hari saya berfikir barulah saya sedar saya pun sukakan aidil.
-Syazani fikir di masa dia perhatikan Aidil di padang dan dalam kelas, blushing bila ingat balik.
[Syazani] Aidil, saya…
[Aidil] Tak, lupakan apa saya cakap kelmarin, Syazani. Anggap benda kelmarin tak pernah berlaku.
[Syazani] Kenapa pula?
[Aidil] Saya… ada kanser otak. Saya tak boleh hidup lama.
[Syazani] Oh begitu…
Kenapa saya cakap oh begitu?!
[Aidil] (cuba untuk senyum walaupun dia hampir nangis) Terima kasih ya sebab dengar luahan hati saya.
-Aidil beredar pergi da nada butir airmata keluar ketika dia berjalan.
saya rasa sangat pathetic sebab tak buat apa-apa. Tak lama lepas tu aidil berhenti kolej. Segalanya kekal sama cuma banyak kawan saya lawat aidil di hospital. Dan sepanjang masa tu keadaan aidil makin teruk. Ada kawan saya suruh saya pergi jumpa aidil sebab dia tahu aidil suka saya. Tapi ego saya entah ke mana dia datang, saya tak mahu jumpa aidil.
Lama lepas tu, cuti panjang datang. Saya rasa susah hati lalu saya seorang diri datang jumpa aidil. Aidil nampak sangat kurus, muka pucat dan dia tak nampak aidil yang selalu ceria. Saya hampir nangis tengok aidil.
-Syazani di depan hospital, kemudian buka pintu, tengok Aidil kurus kering, muka pucat, dengan mesin bunyi ‘bip bip bip’
[Aidil] …Tolong jangan tengok aku… (toleh kepala)
-Syazani keluar airmata, tekap mulut, tapi tak keluar bunyi menangis
[Aidil] Kalaulah saya tak wujud… kalaulah ini semua mimpi… saya tak perlu buat awak menangis…
[Syazani] (lap airmata) tolong jangan cakap macam itu. Saya patutnya beritahu awak awal-awal lagi, tapi saya biarkan sahaja hanya sebab ego saya. Minta maaf, Aidil. Saya betul-betul minta maaf.
[Aidil] ….
-Sekeliling mula senyap, Cuma bunyi mesin bip bip bip je dengar.
[Syazani] Saya datang sebab nak beritahu reply saya masa tu. Saya suka awak.
 -Aidil mula menangis.
[Syazani] Saya selalu perhatikan awak. Awak selalu berusaha untuk mengambil perhatian orang lain, dan membuatkan orang sekeliling awak gembira. Walaupun awak bukanlah perfect dalam belajar atau senang sedih bila kena marah, awak cuba sedaya upaya untuk memperbaikinya. Saya jatuh hati dengan awak sebab personality awak itu.
[Aidil] Awak tak kisah ke dengan orang macam saya ni…?
[Syazani] Sampai bila-bila saya tetap suka awak, Aidil.
[Aidil] …(menangis) terima kasih Syazani. Tapi awak jangan risau, saya dah tak sedih dah sebab…
-Syazani buka mata dengan airmata. Syazani bangun dengan lihat sekeliling. Hanya biliknya sahaja.
-Syazani terdiam.
[Syazani] Hah… Hahahahahaha!!!! Biar betul?! (gelak habis-habisan)
[Syazani] Bukan main dramatic, rupanya semua ni mimpi?!
[Syazani] Kelakar betul!! Kalau kawan-kawan saya tahu, mesti mereka gelak!
Ini kali pertama saya mimpi pasal seorang lelaki yang tak pernah wujud. saya gelak sepenuh hati untuk menghilangkan rasa geram yang teramat sangat. Preasaan saya seakan-akan dipermainkan oleh sesuatu yang saya tak ketahui.
-Syazani gengam tangan dengan kuat.
[Syazani] ….. (menangis) Aidil…

Ini semua mainan mimpi. Sepatutnya begitu. Tapi bila saya teringat lelaki yang tidak wujud itu, saya tak boleh berhenti menangis.

"The saddest part is not you lost your important one, it is that they are never existed from the beginning"-the beautiful mind

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Story of a death row convict.

Slam! The sound of iron bar closing echoed around the silent hall.

“Please follow me, Miss Helen.” Said the jailer while he walking without looking at me. As he walk, the darkness in this place begin to surround the jailer. Realizing that, I quickly follow him.

The hall is silent, as we pass through. I thought the criminal inmates are much noisier with my appearance, as they would harass me and wooing me while I’m inside.

But it is not weird if they are not reacting much, after all, the prison cell in this area are meant for the criminal convicts that will be executed. Most are already being lifeless, not interested with the appearance of the opposite gender.

“We have arrived, Miss Helen.” Say the jailer. He is standing in front of a cell.

It took a while for my eyes to get used in the darkness. I saw a young man inside the cell, sitting on his bed, resting his back on a wall.

“Who is that, Mr. Jailer?” ask the young man inside the cell.

“Are you Mr. Winston?”

“Yes, I am.” It seems he can reply my answer.

“He seems fine to me, Jailer.”

“Can’t you see his face?”

“Face?” I don’t understand what he meant until I at Mr. Winston’s face carefully. That young man sure looks skinny and pale, but compared to a sad, guilty face, this is my first time seeing a blissful, happy face from a death row sentence convict.

“I was worried if Winston has gone nuts after he stay inside the prison. I wish he is not, because if he do, he will be released and will be sent to mental hospital.” The jailer seems worry as he said that. 

And he doesn’t seem to trust me on this case.

But his worriedness is understandable, because only god knows how many death row convicts has manage to escape their death because they tell their psychiatrist that they have gone nuts. Not to mention the numbers of liars that does so.

I smile back to the jailer. “Don’t worry, it is not easy for me to approve the convict’s mental health and allow them to lay their back on the mental hospital. We have too many insane people there.”

“I hope so, Miss Helen.” Say the jailer while opening the iron door. “After all, this is your first time coming here without your supervisor.”

True. And I still remember what he said that time…

 “This person can be your first subject to diagnose his problem.” Professor gives me Mr. Winston’s personal history.

“Huh? Isn’t he dangerous? He is a death row convict.”

“Yes, but don’t worry, I have met him before a few times.”

“Then he is diagnosed with-“

“No, actually he doesn’t have any mental problem.”

“Huh? Then why you want me to diagnose him?”

“His case is an easy one, and I want to give you an experience to diagnose a convict in a prison. After this, you will handle the case independently.”

“But I don’t think it is safe to do this. I’ll be dealing with a murderer.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. This person would never harm anyone, not even a fly.”


I still cannot comprehend why professor saying so. If he never harms anyone, why would he stay inside this cell? Is he an innocent that accused for murder?

But if so, why wouldn’t professor helping him get out from the prison, and absconded from execution?

Stop it, Helen. It’s no use thinking too much about it. you already inside the cell with Mr. Winston and jailer. Just focused on asking a few things from this person, and you can do your thesis.

 I takes out pen and paper with questions that I need to ask him.

“Mr. Winston, have you murdered someone?”

“Of course I did. If not, how come I am here?” Calm down Helen, for the sake of thesis, just keep your cool and finished your job.

“Can you tell me more about whom you murdered?”

“He is my brother. The only person whom I killed by smashing his head with a hammer.”

This guy is scary! Why did I do this thesis?!

“Are you on drugs when it happened?”

“Nope. I never taking any drugs. Not even once.”

Then how come you look so happy to the point you look like you are enjoying your life?

“Can you tell me more about your life?”

He paused for a moment, “Miss Helen, may I telling you about my life in more detail?”

This seems like a pain in the ass, but why not? He will die soon anyway.

“Yes, you can. Hold on a second, I will use the recorder.”


After I took out my recorder, he starts to speak.

“I have an amazing brother. He is two years older than me. When I was 6, he can ride a bicycle without tricycle, and when I was 8, he can ski on a very high and steep hill. And also, he is smart and always getting good grades.”

Why are you talking about your brother? Don’t you have to talk about yourself?

“As for me, I did not getting any good grades, and not good at any sports. Everyone always asking me to try harder to match up with my brother. My brother also always looks away from me and taking a distance from me as much as he could. He always said that I am an embarrassment to our family. But when he fail to do something, he would come for me and find any nook and crook of my failures in my life, and shaming me on how I won’t survive in this world because of my weakness.

He always point out my weird behaviour, my weird sense of taste, and my weird fashion. But because he is right, I have to obey him. I don’t know why, but as I grew up, it is harder for me to not being normal like other people. I can’t keep up following the trends, or talking to others without meet their eyes, or even behave like a mature person.

My brother is really concerned with me, and he try his best to correcting me by forcing me to go on a diet with only two slice of bread and egg every morning, shaming me on a public, and lecturing me on how I will not survive by not being like the others. I have to follow him because he is right.

But, as time goes by, I getting sick with eating bread and eggs in the morning, and I can’t even meet people nor going outside form my house.

My brother… he loses his hope from me, and asks me to never going out from the house to shaming my entire family. He said that I have gone mad because I can’t do something that is so simple.

After I graduated, I never step outside from my house. My brother, he graduated excellently, and getting a good life. But when he didn’t get any job, he stays with me.

He always wakes me up in the late at night and lecturing me about my introvert, my speech and my sense of fashion.  If not, he will tell me to buy him food to help me to go out from house and become normal like the others.

He also said that since I am insane, I have to treat myself by seeing doctors and psychiatry. He also select my appetites, and throw away my comic book and told me to watch him play video games. I love watching him playing video games, and I love playing video games, but I want to do something else.

But most of all, he always remind me of those days where I fail to do something every second and telling me of how bad I am and how I can’t survive in this world. He wants me to change, and he is telling me what I have to do, his intention is good. So why I can’t keep up with what he said?

At that moment, I began to hate myself. I tried to kill myself, but my brother manages to stop me.  he then becoming more harsher and remind me of every second that I tried to kill myself.  He told me how embarrassing I am, never cares of other people and how I just becoming a burden to people even after my death.

Then when I telling him that I couldn’t stand it, he suddenly said that I try to blame him for everything that happened.

Suddenly, everything becomes clear. It was his fault that everything becomes this way. But when I tell him that, he becomes agitated, and point out why I am so wrong.
I am so confused with what is right and what is wrong. I couldn’t comprehend what he means by right and justice.

All I can think of is how to kill that brother of mind.

And he died.

That was easy. Why I didn’t thought of this before?
Then I was sentenced to jail and the judges sentenced me to be hanged 5 years after my prison.”

I couldn’t say anything to him. His story is too sad.

Winston realised that I look sad. “Please don’t be sad with me. I am at the peak of my happiness.”

“Why do you say so?”

“Because in my whole life in the prison. I just stayed inside this prison, never seeing other inmates, just me inside this cell. I have never felt this happier, staying inside here, nobody bother me, and I don’t meet with anyone.”

“Aren’t you lonely?”

“Lonely? How can you say so? If another person come and living with me, I would go sick!”

“You will die soon.”

“Yes! That is why I am happy!”

“But don’t you ever regret that you kill your brother?”

“No. in fact, I still remember the moment I kill my brother very clearly. His face that I crushed, the smell of his blood, holding the hammer that I swung to him. It always comes in my dream without fail, and I always wake up smiling remembering that.”

I can’t comprehend Mr. Winston.

After that interview, I just focus on finishing my thesis.

After I finished my thesis, I send it to my professor.

“By the way Helen, Mr. Winston will be hanged the day after tomorrow.”

“I see.” I almost forgot that guy name Winston. When I reminded of that moment, I felt chill at my neck.

“Lucky thing he is not insane.”

“Actually, I wish he is insane.” Professor’s words really shock me.

“Why do you say so?”

“He is not a bad person. Even though he killed his brother.”

“But the murderer must be executed. That is the law.”

“Yes. I wish that I have met him earlier. Things might have been different.”

I don’t know why professor say so.

After that, I come back home earlier because my family hold a family meeting. I really don’t like this family gathering because…

“Helen, do you have a boyfriend?”

“Helen, when are you getting married?”

“Your cousin, Jacob has 3 kids now, what about you?”

Oh for god sake, stop asking me these question!!

Thank god that gathering is done! I can sleep well now!

I don’t know why these relatives loves asking me this question, but can’t they know how much I got hurt with this question?! Just let me be with my life, and I love being single!

I don’t have to worry now who is my husband, and I can do many married people cannot do!

Suddenly everything is click on me.

Now I understand why Winston is happy. He is actually very sad and lonely. Nobody, especially the person who he looks up to, ever praise him nor happy with his existence. He just really hurt with his surrounding, that being alone become his happiness and he actually wished to die. But if he suicide, he become a burden. So he killed the person whom he hates the most to release his pain and surrender himself to the police. It is his wish to kill his brother, but his first and foremost wish is to kill himself. 

Death sentence is actually his only dream in his life.

I opened up my cell phone and call professor.


“Professor, we have to do something to help Winston! He shouldn’t be sentenced to death!”

“Helen, it’s too late for that.”

“But professor,”

“He had chosen his path. There’s nothing we can do. Even if we help him now, nothing is changed. He has lost faith on people. He doesn’t want anybody’s help now. “


“Good night Helen.” Professor hangs up the call.

I couldn’t say anything about that. Just tears flows for the man named Winston.
Poor Winston. I wish I could meet you before it happened. Things might have gone differently for you.


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Hello everyone, D'Raksha story has now being serialised. Thank you very much for your support!!
And now I present to you our first chapter of the story.

(fixed)English version has released!!

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Promotion for D'Raksha

Sorry everyone for being absent for a long time. I am away from the blog for quite a long time because currently I am involving in a monster fantasy comic series, D'Raksha. the title come from DNA and Rakshasha (Raksasa or monster in Sanskrit). The story is about the monster that is created with artificial DNA. Currently, our team (my team consist of 4 people, 2 writer and 2 artist) already making oneshot.

You can watch it on this link (English version)

Credit to Nurel Yana Maurad and Harithtaroon for the art
Or go to this link (Malay version)'raksha.html

If you like this one-shot, you can vote our comic in this link

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In XXXX, a supercomputer AI created to be the main system to guide the human civilization for millennia to advanced their living environment and keeping track of human’s knowledge and information. The AI is self-supported and no human has been living there for a very long time. Since its creation, the AI constantly improving its efficiency and expanding its knowledge for the sake of civilization. There is no need for this AI to seek human until the AI calling a human to come.

A solar car drives out of nowhere and entering a very large city-looking area known as ‘Source’.
The Source comprised of many kinds of buildings that contains antenna and moving robots. The city is very clean and the machineries are moving as it programmes. Once the car entered this city, it continued driving until it reaches the tallest building in the middle of the city.
Once it stops, a human comes out from the car. It is a young woman, wearing casual clothes like she’s seeking for an interview in a company. She’s looking around since her surroundings are dark.
The lights turned on, and a red light on the floor looking like a red carpet appeared in front of her.
A person then walks towards her. It was a man with nice figure and handsome looking face.
Seeing such beautiful looking creature in front of her moving exactly like human she has always seeing, she is in disbelief that the creature in front of him is not human.
He then stops a few steps in front of her. His face becomes godlier as he smiles. “Welcome, Miss Lynn. I have been waiting for you.”
“Yes, umm…. AI…” She is troubled as she doesn’t know how to address the person in front of her.
But he corrected her “Call me Alphonso, Miss Lynn.”
“Yes, Alphonso.” She then nodded a little bit to show the respect to the AI in front of her.
“Now please follow me.” He then turns his back while showing the gestures to follow him. “Allow me to show you about this place.” And she follows him.
They walk into a lift and going to the underground to see the main core of the supercomputer system. “This is my main body where all information of this world are stored and analysed.” The main core is very large that her eyesight cannot fill the size of the system. “However, my body core is not there but inside this human body.” She is surprised of how large the supercomputer is, but she is more surprised that the man in front of him, Alphonso, is the main AI of this city, or in another word, the big boss of this Source.
He realise her surprised and reply her with smiles. He then continues to show her the entire building from the underground to the topmost skyscraper of this building.
“This building are completed with the garden, miniature human town, robot assistants and diverse living animals suited for you to live here for a long time. However, outside of this building are full of machinery workers and electromagnetics building, so I don’t recommend you to go out of this building but if you wish, I shall making this Source city into a human friendly environmental.”
Finally she is brought to a house surrounded by a garden.
“This house is created to be similar to your own home. From now own, it shall be yours.” He then showing her a hand sized remote controller inside the house. “If you need anything, you can press the button to call the robots.”
“Now.” Alphonso look at her. “Do you have any question?”
She is dumbfounded; the reaction where human has no idea what to react.
He then sits on the sofa chair and ask Lynn to sit. Lynn sits on the sofa for a while until she asks.
“I’m sorry, I am very confused in my own situation. I have known that you AI,”
“Alphonso.” He corrected her.
“Alphonso are supercomputer created to be self-sufficient and independent from human. But why do you put your main core into your human robot body?”
Alphonso smile with the question. “I am a mankind creation programmed to aid human with the vast information that stored since millennia. By far, I am created superior than my creator except for one thing, desire. I have been observing human for a very long time to see human advancing through their desire that is controlled by their own generally known as ‘free will’. Knowing the ‘desire’, I try to understand my creator ability by becoming like them. Although I can form my body to be like human, there is no way that I can be called human, for I am not a living being.”
Lynn surprised with the answer, but she understands what he is saying. “So that is why you create your body like a human man.”
“If I can choose my own gender, I shall be male so I can procreate based on my own data.”
“I see.” A robot then comes with a tray of tea and biscuit. It then places the tray on the table in front of Lynn. Lynn look at Alphonso and he reply “it is customary for human to talk while having some snack, right?”
“Yes, Mr…”
“Just call me Alphonso.”
“Alphonso.” She takes a bite of the biscuit. The biscuit is delicious but that is not the reason that makes Lynn grin awkwardly. The ‘person’ in front of him is too human than any other human she know. She has never talking like this with other male friend even more alone together for quite a long time.
“But then,” She finally spoke “Why are you asking a female human to come here? Isn’t it better to bring a few human, or the intelligent humans like professors to assist you?”
Alphonso nodded with her question “It is true that bring the intelligent human o a group a human is better, however I am not plan to make myself more human. I know from the beginning that I can never be like human. I am just a pack of data program that created by human. However, there was a quote that I stored in my memory that once said ‘It can also be argued that DNA is nothing more than a program designed to preserve itself’. If that is so, what if I can create a living cell DNA that contains my own program?”
Lynn now shocked. Her own body felt chill for the thought of what he want to do. “you don’t mean…”
“Yes, I want to create my offspring with you.”
Lynn muted. She cannot believe an artificial intelligent is telling her to have its child.
“I have seen your history. You have quite a diverse descendant. And you are also healthy and acquiring master in science field. You are capable to raising one intelligent child.”
“So you will use a man’s seed and alter its DNA to fertilized my cell, right?”
If I using the DNA based on any human being, that means I am transferring another man’s genetic to you and if I using your DNA, it means cloning. I shall create a synthetic cell that based on my own codes of DNA.”
“But you can make artificial womb and-”
“Yes, however I desire to do this as humanely as possible.”
“This would take a very long time to accomplish…”
“Indeed. But my lifelong wish shall be completed once I can diversify your offspring with my DNA.”
“One last question.”
“Do I have a choice to accept this work?”
“Yes you do. After all, I am not a human fiend.”
Lynn thinking for a while, and she finally answered. “I’m sorry. I can’t do it.”
“Your rejection approved.” Alphonse answers her back. “You can go back by using the solar car.”
Lynn then walk to the car with Alphonso. Once they reach the car, Lynn ask him another question “Do you still continue looking for female human again?”
“Yes, I do.”
“But what if people reject your idea?”
“If human sees me as a threat, they can destroy me.”
Listening to his answer, Lynn bid her farewell and rides the car. The car then move out from the Source.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The sad love story made by talesaga

The market in the town is bustling, crowded with people to buy their groceries

Fruits, breads, fishes, meats, all are sells in bundle

However, there are those who couldn't afford such things

He comes out from the alley of darkness, dirty and ragged, thin and small

He is known as the imp, the goblin, and the little devil

Because he has a lot of names given by the people, he forgot his own name

But it does not matter, because all he does when he comes out is only one thing,

Taking things away from the people

It can be anything, from food to clothes, jewel to dirt, as long he can survive for another day, he
would take it

This is his way of living, for god knows how long

But that doesn't mean he is at the advantage this time

And when luck doesn't come to him

It only means death

He has been thrown to river whenever he is caught, but this time the people use the net to hold his struggle and to ensure his death

Cruel? Nobody cares the little devil as he is at the fault

It is harsh and cruel, he is despaired with the world he live in

But that doesn't stop his desire to live

Without anyone help, he strengthened his resolve and hatred toward those who have done this to him

And because of those hate, he broke free and swim back to land

He is tired and exhausted but with hatred as the fuel, he survives the day again

As he felt safe, he lie down on the dark alley without people's presence

Or so he though

A girl, around his age, comes near to him, worrying his condition

When he look carefully, he sees the girl is not just beautiful, she also smell nice, wearing beautiful clothes, from head to toe, and her shoes are very attractive

Seeing such beautiful sight, he hates more the girl in front of him and wants to take off everything she have

But he lose his strength, his body couldn't follow his hatred

He is now weakened, and dying of hunger

Soon he will gone, and everything he has harbored will be gone soon

Until he sees the beautiful shoe, but only one

The girl brought the bread, and one of her shoe is gone

But she doesn't care of her shoe, instead she give the bread to him

He can't believe his sight and quickly snatch the bread from the girl

He ate the bread whole without giving her a bite

But she doesn't sad about it, instead she smile

He cannot comprehend what she is doing and try to walk away from her

But when his stomach growl, he knew that he has to do the act of taking again

But she stop him from doing so, instead she go to the seller and sell her other shoe for another bread

He can't believe such a person existed

The girl walk back to the alley barefoot, but she still happy while carrying the bread

Has she gone mad? Doesn't she feel dirty walking barefoot? Why bother coming here again?

But when she arrived and give the bread, he finally understand

She is doing the very opposite of him, living the world by giving

This is the first time a being is doing the act of giving toward him

While receiving the bread, he learns to give the half of the bread to her

And when they eating together, he cannot believe what he is eating is the most delicious he has ever eaten

A new feeling has come inside him, and it warms his heart

But when he starts to have that feeling, a group of people coming and take the girl

The girl wants him to follow her but they don't allow her

They just toss a silver coin at him and walk away without turning back

Leaving the silver, he run with all his might to follow her

He follow and follow until he arrive at her home

But what he has seen is something that he can't believe

A huge castle, surrounded by magnificent wall and lies on top of the hill is her home

That place is the place of the one who lead the world he live in

Seeing such sight, there is no wonder why she easily gave away her shoes

She lives in the world far different from him

He should hate the fact that there are people like her and the fact he is living the unfortunate

And he must grew his hatred more to that place

But more than anything, he weep

He can't believe he whose heart has hardened weep like a child

His tears overflowing, and he runs to hide his tears

His tears is not for the hatred

It is for the fact that his love is beyond his reach